Ivey Rose | 2nd Birthday Session

'Everything is Coming Up Roses'
april 22, 2017
Oh Ivey Rose, how I just adore your precious little self!  Not only are you as cute as a teeny little button, but you are so snuggly, so excitable, so nurturing, so playful, and such a great little dancer, (and let's not forget what a great sleeper and eater you are!)  I have a special bond with Ivey because, like her, I'm also the little sister.  I see how she emulates all the things her big sis does and I can put myself back in those shoes and remember what that is like!  Annelise is a GREAT and AWESOME big sis to look up to, just like my sister has always been for me... But I also know that Ivey Rose is going to make her own mark on this world in an incredible way!  I love you so much Ivey Rose and I love watching you grow and bloom into a precious little girl!  I am so proud to be your Aunt! 
Aunt B