Ivey Rose | 2nd Birthday Party | 'Everything Is Coming Up Roses'

april 23, 2017
my sister is the master of throwing an awesome birthday party!  she comes up with the cutest and most fitting themes for her little ones and then makes sure every detail is unique and special!  she makes all the food from scratch, she has tons of activities for the little ones, and her decorations are always absolutely precious... all the while she still manages to look beautiful and remains a gracious hostess the entire time!  over the past several years, i have always tried my hardest to fly into nashville in order to make it to the girls' birthday parties - but now i have the incredible blessing of living right down the road and i get to experience every birthday - what.a.treat!  

ivey roses' bday party theme was "everything is coming up roses" so it's pretty obvious that the amount of flowers she acquired for the party could have covered a small wedding venue :) haha!  she had potting soil and rice sensory bins for the little ones to dig through (which my little guy thoroughly enjoyed, picture below! haha) and she had ceramic pots for the kids to paint and then soil and seeds for planting.  and of course, her girls were dressed in adorable flower dresses with a flower headband for the birthday girl to top it off!  

happy 2nd birthday ivey rose!!!!