Spencer | 7 Month Session at Harvey Park in Spring Hill, TN

may 27, 2017
This little guy... oh he's so cute! He is so, SO smiley and is so fun to photograph - I mean, seriously, just look at that adorable face!  I took 3-month-old photos of him and he never made a peep during that entire session.  Just smiling, easy, relaxed.  Fast-forward 4 months and it was the exact same thing!  He was so happy the entire time we were together!  His big bro, Eli, is so sweet with his little brother and loves to entertain him which resulted in such sweet smiles!  And of course, his wonderful momma snuggles are so precious!  Towards the end of our time together,  Eli got to pick a book to read to his brother.  It's clear that Eli is ready for Kindergarten this fall and that these boys love books & love the cardinals!  Thank you for a wonderful morning, my sweet friends! :) 

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