Mullins | Family Session in Downtown Franklin

june 12,2017
Lacey is friends with another family that I recently did photos for - so when she contacted me about taking their family photos, i was thrilled!  we texted back and forth and eventually landed on downtown franklin on a Thursday evening.  for some reason, we never became friends on Facebook or instagram so i never saw photos of her family in advance or got to read anything about her or her family.

So fast-forward to thursday evening when we meet up in downtown.  both lacey and matt start suggesting places we could take photos.  they were both very aware of the lighting and where would be a good places to shoot.  then i hear lacey say to her husband: "hey matt, why don't we go take some photos by that church where we did that wedding"...... wait, what?????  come to find out, they are photographers!  i had no idea!  they were both very humble about it.  their work is beautiful, you can check them out here: Something Beautiful Photography!  they said they've taken a bit of time off since they have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 5 month old (understandably so!).  I thought it was so cool to photograph other photographers (and such an honor! and a tad bit nerve-wracking)!!!   

we also realized that they live down the street from my family.  like literally, their street intersects with our street.  i could probably throw a stone at their house if i had a super duper good arm.  haha!  

we had alot of fun taking their family photos on a beautiful evening in downtown franklin!  thanks, mullins family, for a great time... and i'll see ya around the neighborhood!!! :)