Lincoln P | 1st Birthday Session in Thompsons Station TN

May 13, 2017
I'll never forget the moment that Dawn, one of my best friends, told me she was pregnant.  Well, she never actually had to tell me...

It was a Sunday morning. She found me early before church started; before the halls were filled with coffee drinkers and kiddos hyped-up on donuts and chocolate milk.  She walked up to me, gave me one look and I said (in a very excited but super hush tone because I knew, if my guess was correct, that it wasn't public knowledge yet) "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!" and she just paused, looked at me - stunned that I guessed it - and her eyes lit up as she smiled and said "YES!!!"  Cue: crazy excited, silent as i could be, happy dance!!  Literally y'all.  I ran around in ridiculous happy circles (if you know me, then you know this is totally true of me!)  Ya see... I was also pregnant at the time so we were only 3 months apart!  I was SO excited that my sweet friend was preggers and to have her to walk down this new road of maternity and motherhood!  

Now that little peanut is ONE YEAR OLD!  I know people say 'time flies.'  But seriously, it does. I am pretty sure that she told yesterday that she was pregnant.... so I don't know how this happened.  But it did - and he is SO stinking cute!  Little Lincoln was SUCH a ham during our session!  I had so much fun capturing all his awesome faces - and his super cool dance moves (kinda a mix of the 'nay nay' and baby squats)!  He and Zander Monkey rocked their ONE Year Old Session! :) 

Happy Birthday Lincoln! We love you!!!
Aunt Brigette (and Uncle Brandon and your little buddy Beckett) 


those dance moves tho.... 

those dance moves tho....