Annelise | 6th Birthday Party | 'Moana'

Annelise is the big SIX!!  How can this be?!?  Seriously.  I'm pretty sure she was just born yesterday.  I remember flying to Nashville to meet her a couple weeks after she was born and i fell in love instantly (she was wearing a onesie that said "i love my aunt" *insert heart eyes emoji here*)!  I also remember the huge white board that my sister and her husband had where they kept a crazy detailed chart of all Annelise's feedings, poopy diapers, and sleep schedule. I was blown away by how a little human could have such a busy schedule... I was also blown away by the fact that Jennifer and Keith kept such meticulous track of her every move!  

Six year later and my sister is still a fan of the tiny details and it's shows in the wonderful birthday parties she throws!  This year Annelise requested a 'Moana' themed party!  it was her first big girl drop-off party and that was a super big deal to her - two hours of just her and her little girlfriends getting to giggle, play, eat, and make crafts!

the birthday party included so many cute things... homemade coconut cupcakes (which were SO delicious and moist. so so good.), cantaloupe boats, pineapple cups for each of the girls, and a moana themed photo spot!  Annelise dressed-up like Moana and, of course, Ivey Rose was 'baby Moana'!  All the girls made their own 'heart of te fiti' stones and got to play outside in the water!  

It was an absolutely adorable party, like always!  I love you annelise... happy birthday!!! 

xoxo, your aunt B